Sodium Bicarbonate Reference & Regulatory Documents
The following is a variety of compliance/regulatory statements and reference documents that are commonly requested. For your convenience, all documents are presented in a PDF format.

Compliance/Regulatory Statements 

FMC sodium bicarbonate_FSSC22000cert 2014.pdf
REACH Statement.pdf
Kosher 2015.pdf
ISO Certificate 2012-2015.pdf
NSF Statement.pdf
Continuing Guaranty FDA Compliance Bicarb.pdf
Food Contact Suitability Bicarb.pdf
NAFTA 2014 Cert_ Sodium bicarbonate.pdf
Sodium bicarbonate NAFTA 2015 certificate.pdf

Reference Documents
Melamine Statement 2015.pdf
Residual Solvents Statement Bicarb.pdf
AWWA Statement Bicarb.pdf
Animal Bovine TSE BSE Statement.pdf
Allergens Statement and Checklist.pdf
Country of Manufacture Customs Classification Statement Bicarb.pdf
Gluten Free Statement.pdf
GMO Statement Bicarb.pdf
Halal Conformance Statement_Bicarb.pdf
Heavy Metals Statement_Bicarb.pdf
Lot Number System_Bicarb bags.pdf
Microorganism Testing_Bicarb.pdf
Nano-Technology Statement.pdf
Natural Status_ Bicarb.pdf
Non-Animal Origin Statement_Bicarb.pdf
Non-Fumigated_Non-Irradiated Statement_ Bicarb.pdf
Non-Sewage Sludge Statement.pdf
Nutritional Analysis.pdf
Prop 65 Statement.pdf
RoHS Compliance Statement.pdf
Screening-Metal Detection Statement.pdf
Shelf Life-Sodium Bicarbonate.pdf
Storage and Distribution.pdf
Supply Chain Security.pdf
OMRI listed- Livestock Feed grade bicarb fwc-1377-2015-09-01-cert.pdf
OMRI listed- Feed grade bicarb fwc-1378-2015-09-01-cert.pdf
OMRI listed- Industrial bicarb fwc-1372-2015-09-01-cert.pdf
OMRI listed-No. 1 TFF fwc-1370-2015-09-01-cert.pdf
OMRI listed- No. 1 bicarb fwc-1373-2015-09-01-cert.pdf
OMRI listed-No. 2 bicarb fwc-1375-2015-09-01-cert.pdf
OMRI listed- No. 5 bicarb fwc-1376-2015-09-01-cert.pdf
Product Grades