Soda Ash

FMC Corporation is the world’s #1 producer of natural soda ash, offering a secure, reliable, diverse range of high quality product choices. FMC’s soda ash operations in Green River, home of the world’s largest deposit of trona ore, utilize a truly exceptional multi-disciplines process, from mining, manufacturing and product development all the way through product delivery. Constant innovation is part of our guiding philosophy.

Through innovations in mining and processing trona ore into natural soda ash, FMC has become the industry leader. As the first to produce a lower cost, natural alternative to synthetic soda ash, FMC has built a solid track record of meeting the needs of customers in a wide range of industries such as glass manufacturing, detergent formulation, chemical manufacturing, pulp and paper production, and water treatment.

Our team of research specialists continues to develop innovative mining and processing techniques that are revolutionizing the way soda ash is produced, bringing this vital and versatile product to our customers in a more cost-effective, environmentally friendly manner. 

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