FMC Minerals

The Alkali division under FMC Minerals provides trona-based products to a variety of industries such as glass manufacturing, water treatment, pulp and paper, textiles, food and pharmaceutical and cosmetics. With six decades of experience and innovation in mining and processing, FMC is your industry leader.

FMC product offerings include:

  • Caustic Soda

  • S-Carb®

  • Sesqui™

  • Soda Ash

  • Sodium Bicarbonate

At FMC facilities in Green River, WY, our teams are committed to continually developing new techniques and new products. Constant innovation combined with supply chain expertise allows us to bring vital and versatile products to customers in the most cost-effective manner. FMC offers a customized supply chain for each customer, and among our many services is a Vendor Managed Inventory process and online railcar location tracking.

FMC’s approach to mining, manufacturing and product development --all the way through distribution -- results in reliable, environmentally-friendly and cost-effective delivery of the highest quality products.